Concrete Floor Preparation

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Why do Floors need to be Prepped?

In order to properly coat any concrete surface, whether it be with an epoxy, polyaspartic, or polyurethane coating, the floor needs to be properly prepped. If a concrete surface isn’t sufficiently ground and repaired prior to laying down a coating there is a strong possibility that the coating will bubble, peel, flake off, not cure properly, or fail to adhere to the surface altogether.

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The Grinding Process

Grinding will ensure that the floor is clean and ready to bond to any coatings that may be applied. The appropriate concrete surface profile must be achieved to ensure that the products can bond to the concrete effectively. In many cases, most floors can be properly prepared for coatings with industrial concrete grinders, as this will both clean and level the floor out sufficiently for a coating to be applied.

Our diamond grinders are equipped with a variety of diamond tooling, whether these be varied grits of hard and soft bond tooling, or PCD diamond tooling that are made with the express purpose of removing coatings such as epoxy.

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Shot Blasting vs. Grinding

In the event that a concrete grinder is unable to properly grind and remove any existing flooring, coating, or residue, there is the option to shot blast the flooring as well. Shot blasting uses high-velocity pellets or beads – made of steel, copper, aluminum or another substance – as its abrasive material. Shot blasting machines concentrate these beads in one area at extremely high speeds to clear materials such as rust, paints, or other coatings.

Repairing Damages

If the concrete flooring has any damage – such as cracks, pitting, gauges, or pinholes – it will be repaired and treated with a poly-based system, and then ground and blended into the existing concrete to ensure everything is smooth and level before the coating is applied. Given that epoxy and polyaspartic coating systems are liquid based, in many cases they will self-level and fill in minor pinholes or scratches. However, they will not effectively fill in larger areas with deep cracks or pits, and so these areas will need to be repaired before any coating is applied. In the case of concrete polishing, the concrete will still need to be repaired prior to further grinding and polishing to ensure the final product is smooth, level, and without blemish.

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Moisture Issues

Moisture damage must also be treated prior to any coatings being applied. This is typically achieved by either evaporating the wet areas on the concrete with heat induced procedures or by applying a moisture barrier epoxy coating before the main coating to ensure water damage won’t affect the final product.

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